Our cleaning services

At Southern Charm Cleaning, we offer house cleaning services, janitorial services and one time cleaning services. We also accommodate special requests for our customers when needed – like window cleaning, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and changing of bed linens.

Our cleaning approach

At Southern Charm Cleaning, our number one concern is delivering a quality clean. This means that we take our time to do the job right – not ultra-fast. Our goal is to pay attention to the little details that truly make a home or business sparkle.

We also employ a team cleaning approach.

Typically, there will be two or more people cleaning your home or business. Each person is a cleaning specialist with certain cleaning responsibilities that they perform each and every clean.

We also use a team cleaning approach so that we can double check our work. Each person is also responsible for checking behind their cleaning partner to make sure we deliver a superior clean.

The same people will clean your home or business every visit. Your cleaning team will know your cleaning needs inside and out. This ensures that you receive the cleaning services that meets your needs and expectations.

Our cleaning process

At Southern Charm Cleaning, we have a 5-Step “So Charming” Cleaning ProcessTM for homes and businesses. This process includes on-site visits, personalized cleaning checklists for every home and business, regular follow ups and 24/7 availability.

The 5-Step “So Charming” Cleaning Process

Free consultation: During the on-site consultation, we’ll walk through your home or business and discuss your unique cleaning needs. A cleaning checklist will be filled out during the consultation and brought to your home or business when we clean, so we make sure we don’t miss a step.

Initial clean: Cleaning professionals will clean your space based on the cleaning checklist you created. A Southern Charm Cleaning Owner or Team Manager is always on site on the first few visits to make sure your cleaning expectations are being met. We will oversee every aspect of the cleaning process.

Recurring schedule: We will set up a recurring schedule to clean on your timeframe. Whether it’s nightly, weekly, monthly or on weekends, we’ll be there to make sure your home or business is spotless. And, if you need to reschedule, that’s no problem. Just call, text or email and we’ll arrange a new date and time that works better for your schedule.

Satisfaction meetings: At regular intervals throughout the year, we will follow up with you to make sure things are being done the way you want. During these meetings, we’ll review your cleaning checklist to make sure everything is on track. If there are changes that need to be made, we’ll update your file immediately.

24/7 availability: We’re happy when you’re happy. Call anytime day or night to discuss how we can make sure that you remain a happy, satisfied customer.

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Our one request
One thing we ask of our customers is flexibility with cleaning times. Many things can cause us to be a few minutes behind schedule: unexpected traffic, additional services requested in the prior home and weather delays.

As such, we cannot provide exact arrival times. We’ll always do our best to arrive on time. But, we do ask for your understanding when the unexpected occurs.