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Southern Charm Cleaning is not afraid to get a little dirty. In fact, we fight dirty on the job and off the job.

One of the things that makes us unique at Southern Charm Cleaning is that we enjoy spending time together and working as a team whether we’re in your home or business or facing a challenge outside of work.

On August 29th, a couple of us competed in a Super Spartan race (our 2nd Spartan race this year) in Asheville, NC. During this 8.5 mile mountain run and 28 obstacle course, we encountered a lot of mud, dirt and an overwhelming amount of camaraderie.

We witnessed teams working together, helping each other out and finishing stronger than when they started. One team had a wheelchair-bound teammate. Their team worked together to overcome extremely challenging obstacles – from cargo net climbs more than 2 stories tall to carrying logs up and down the mountainside. The whole crowd cheered when the team helped their teammate up the rope climb.

It’s times like these that makes us a more unified team and makes us realize how lucky we are to work together and be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

All clean before the Spartan Race
All clean before the Spartan Race
No so clean after the Spartan Race
Not so clean after the Spartan Race

There are many ways to ensure you have a cleaner home. One way is to employ some pretty unusual (some might say “odd”) cleaning tricks.

Here are a few of our favorite unusual cleaning tricks that actually do the trick.

Drink (we mean use) vodka. Vodka can be used on a soft cleaning cloth to shine up porcelain, chrome or glass.

Ice, ice baby: Dab an ice cube on chewing gum to remove it from the carpet and let it sit for about a minute. The gum will become hard and stiff, enabling you to pull it off easily.

Mirror, mirror. Clean a bathroom mirror with shaving cream and wipe it away with a cloth. It will defog the mirror after showers.

To juice or not to juice. Lemon juice is great for use on stains and rust.

Brusha, brusha, brusha. Clean chrome sink fixtures by putting a thin layer of toothpaste over the faucet and then wipe it with a wet sponge.

Keeping a house clean is not just about the dusting and the vacuuming. It’s also about keeping a clutter free home. One area that is often neglected is the closet.

Closets often become storage areas for a lot of “stuff”. Keeping your closets organized is one way to help maintain a clean home.

Here are a few tips to help reduce closet clutter from Real Simple.

Create storage spaces: Put shoes in plastic shoe boxes and store accessories in clear, plastic drawers. Clear bins enable you to see what you have in your closet, while keeping the closet neat and tidy.

Hang up your bags: Buy hooks for your bags and hang them on the rack. This keeps your handbags from losing shape on shelves.

Pack up last season’s wardrobe: Use large canvas boxes to neatly store winter sweaters. Label the boxes for easy location when winter rolls around again.

Use the back of the door: Store shoes, sports equipment and more by using over the door racks.

Maximize your space: In small closets, use slim hangers and clear, stackable bins with pull out drawers.

These are just a few of the ways you can create a tidy closet. Click here for more tips from Real Simple on making over your closet.

At Southern Charm Cleaning, we take cleaning your home or business very seriously. We understand that your safety and privacy is of the utmost importance to you. As such, you can expect to see the same familiar faces in your home or business each and every visit.

Each cleaning professional has undergone stringent background checks to ensure that your home or business is protected and remains a safe environment for you, your co-workers or your loved ones.

Then, these same dedicated cleaning professionals will clean your home or business each and every visit in order to make sure you get the same consistent results that you request and expect. It’s important to us that the same people you have grown to know and trust are the ones cleaning your home or business each and every time.

In addition, Southern Charm Cleaning owners will stop by on a regular basis to check in with our cleaning professionals and you to make sure all aspects of your cleaning experience meets your expectations – from safety to satisfaction. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Life is full of ups and downs, spills and stains. So, we’ve scoured our archives to share of few tips and tricks of the cleaning trade. Here are a few ways to keep your home or business spic and span.

Get Salty. Use salt on red wine or coffee spills to soak up the stain and keep it from setting. Excess salt can easily be vacuumed or wiped up.

Ban Odors. Eliminate odors from the home naturally by placing baking soda in smelly areas like shoe closets and near garbage cans.

Go Barefoot. For cleaner floors, leave your shoes at the door. Shoes track in all kinds of things, from dirt to mold to animal waste.

Hair Attack. Dust with a dryer sheet. They are a magnet for pet hair.

Be Babied. Store baby wipes in your glove compartment to clean mirrors and windows in your car.
Freshen Up. Use citrus peels, like oranges, limes and lemons, to freshen up your kitchen. Put them in the kitchen drain and run the garbage disposal for a fresh scent.

Southern Charm Cleaning is excited to announce the launch of their new, cleaner website. Pun intended. The new website has more information to help guide potential customers through Southern Charm Cleaning’s 5-Step So-Charming Cleaning Process™.

Additionally, the new site has additional features, information about the owners (and their pets), a new blog and more.

Take a few minutes to check out Southern Charm Cleaning’s new website today.