Make the right first impression

At Southern Charm Cleaning, we know how important it is to make a good first impression with your customers. And, how important it is to maintain that impression.

Our janitorial services include cleaning a wide variety of businesses and industries. We also offer one-time cleans for realtors pre- and post-sale. You name it, we’ve cleaned it.

The initial visit

If you’re looking for regular, ongoing janitorial services, the first thing we need to do is walk through your business with you. We’ll discuss the frequency of cleaning needed during our on-site consultation and determine the areas of your business that need to be cleaned with different frequencies. Then, we’ll create a checklist of those requirements.

The checklist

The business cleaning checklist will be customized to your business needs. We’ll discuss the areas of your business that should be covered during each visit and we’ll make note of areas that shouldn’t be overlooked, including baseboards, ventilation systems and more.

For one-time cleans, an on-site consultation may not be necessary. We can discuss what is needed by phone, create the checklist during our call and then provide you a quote.

The end result

We utilize commercial-grade cleaning products to ensure we deliver the level of clean you require. The cleanliness of your business creates a lasting impression on your customers, so we’re here to help make sure you put your best foot forward every day.

We are fully insured, so you can feel confident that we’re here to protect your business and your assets.

At Southern Charm Cleaning, our goal is to make sure your business creates the best impression possible for you and your customers.

Learn more about our cleaning process.