What our clients are saying

At Southern Charm Cleaning, we believe we are more than a maid service, we consider ourselves trusted friends that help you with cleaning when you need it. As you’ll see below, our customers feel the same way about us, as we feel about them.

Here are just a few of our cleaning service testimonials from happy customers:

“Michelle & her Team at Southern Charm Cleaning are truly Fantastic! Southern Charm Cleaning is the Perfect Name for their Business which in Practice seems more like Family than Business. I am visiting from the SF Bay Area helping with the care of my Sister who has Brain Cancer. Her condition is such that she is fairly clumsy and makes a lot of messes for now.

While at the house Michelle and her Team not only do a great job but they also demonstrated that they really care about my Sister as well. My Sister took a fall while they were here and they were extremely helpful and supportive in helping with that situation as well. Once again, just like Family…

We headed out to my Sister’s Treatment with Southern Charm performing their Magic and returned to her Home looking like it had been Staged and ready for Photos to be taken of it for it to be Listed for Sale. A great way to come Home from a trying day at the Clinic.

If you are looking for the detail that you would put into caring for your Home if you only had the time? Give Southern Care Cleaning a call. You will be Glad that you did…”
~ Bill, El Granada, CA – yelp.com

“My experience with Southern Charm Cleaning has been nothing but positive. They are very professional but friendly at the same time. They have always worked around my schedule if a conflict arose. I totally trust them in my house when I am not there. It is a great feeling to come home to a house that is sparkling clean! Thank you for your wonderful service all these years.”
~ Erica, Mint Hill, NC – google.com

“I would highly recommend Southern Charm Cleaning. All of the staff are extremely professional and trustworthy and do a fabulous job cleaning. They always ask if they’ve missed anything or can do any more. They are also very pleasant, cheerful people to have in my home.”
~ Mary, Mint Hill, NC – care.com

“Love, love, love Southern Charm Cleaning! They do an amazing job and I can’t wait to get home to my super clean house! With 2 little ones and a full time job, I need all the help I can get! Highly recommend these ladies!! Call them today!”
~ Sarah, Davidson, NC – facebook.com

“Southern Charm Cleaning just did a great job deep cleaning for me! A regular cleaning plus blinds, windows, baseboards, etc. Now when mom gets here for a visit, I won’t have the stress of wondering if she thinks I keep a clean house – I know it’s clean!”
~ Jacque, Charlotte, NC – thumbtack.com

“Our house was move in ready when Southern Charm finished! We had had renters in it for a couple of years and really wanted the house cleaned and ready to move back in. Southern Charm Cleaning was great!”
~ Monica, Charlotte, NC – care.com

“Had Southern Charm come last minute to clean since we were bringing our son home from hospital. Michelle and her staff made it work and it looked wonderful.”
~Donald, Charlotte, NC – facebook.com

“When I hired Southern Charm Cleaning I told Michelle I was picky and set the expectation. They are meeting my expectations. My hardwood floors are terrible to clean. They look great when they are finished.”
~ Nancy, Mint Hill, NC – care.com

“I love the flexibility they offer. If I have to skip a week for vacation it’s not a problem. They do a nice job and are very professional.”
~ Jennifer, Mint Hill, NC – care.com

“Wonderful job and friendly staff. Give them a try you will not be sorry!”
~ Lisa, Charlotte, NC – facebook.com

“Thanks for cleaning my home! It is always so nice to walk in and have such a clean place. YOU and your girls do an excellent job.”
~ Vicki, Mint Hill, NC – facebook.com