Southern Charm Cleaning is not afraid to get a little dirty. In fact, we fight dirty on the job and off the job.

One of the things that makes us unique at Southern Charm Cleaning is that we enjoy spending time together and working as a team whether we’re in your home or¬†business or facing a challenge outside of work.

On August 29th, a couple of us competed in a Super Spartan race (our 2nd Spartan race this year) in Asheville, NC. During this 8.5 mile mountain run and 28 obstacle course, we encountered a lot of mud, dirt and an overwhelming amount of camaraderie.

We witnessed teams working together, helping each other out and finishing stronger than when they started. One team had a wheelchair-bound teammate. Their team worked together to overcome extremely challenging obstacles – from cargo net climbs more than 2 stories tall to carrying logs up and down the mountainside. The whole crowd cheered when the team helped their teammate up the rope climb.

It’s times like these that makes us a more unified team and makes us realize how lucky we are to work together and be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

All clean before the Spartan Race
All clean before the Spartan Race
No so clean after the Spartan Race
Not so clean after the Spartan Race

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